Life and Personal Accidents

Insurance, which in case of death, pays damage to its beneficiaries.
Besides basic coverage, death from any cause, it is also possible to acquire further coverage such as:

- Disability by Accident;
- Special Advance due to Disease
- Funeral Allowance;
- Breast Cancer Diagnosis – Woman Insurance
- Prostate Cancer Diagnosis – Man Insurance
- Temporary Disability Daily Rate which pays the insured the value of the acquired daily rate if he has to stay away from work due to covered disease.
- Increase of Members – pays the insured 100% of the value of the coverage, in case of loss of some members such as thumb, index finger, elbow, etc

There are customized products on the market for every client profile, from specific products for men and women, with different coverage, to premium products, where the insured is up for monthly prizes.