Business Health and Dentistry

Health and dental insurance which can be acquired in a personalized way for small, medium-sized and big companies, and provide a wide range of coverage and services.

It covers:

- Hospitalizations and Deliveries;
- Appointments, Exams and Surgeries;
- Remission – in case of death of the insured holder, the dependents are entitled to continuing to have free insurance coverage for 5 years;
- Reimbursement;

Competitive Differentials

- Acupuncture;
- Inter-hospital Transfer;
- Refractive Surgery;
- Pacemaker;
- Dialysis and Hemodialysis
- Kidney, Cornea and Bone Marrow Transplant;
- Heart, Pancreas, Pancreas-Kidney, Lung and Liver Transplant, including expenses with live donor;
- 24-hour Home Medical Emergency;
- 24-hour Phone Medical Counseling;
- 24-hour Assistance;
- Assistance Abroad (USA) for Urgency and Emergency Cases;
- Customer Call Center
- On-line Customer Service
- Discounts on Medication, Vaccines, Dermocosmetics, Car Rental and Health Clubs;
- Health Guidance Program;

Coverage can start immediately, without a grace period and/or exemption from it.

It offers flexible plans, where employees’ adhesion could be optional.
It can include dependents of the insured and also trainees and interns in the insurance and exemption from CPT (Partially Temporary Coverage) for the cases of pre-existing diseases or lesions, depending on the number of lives.