Port Operator

“All risks”-type of wide-ranging insurance, offering coverage on:

- Loss or damage suffered by ships and/or boats owned by third parties, its equipment, cargo, freight and other interests on board as well as wreck removal costs of such assets, during docking operations or outlet dam, in facilities of the insured, for mooring and disembarking;

- Any other damage or losses on property of third parties resulting from responsibility of vessels;

- Any losses or damage on cargo under the responsibility of the policyholder, on board, during loading or unloading operations, even during cargo transport from or to warehouses or the like, located at established port area;

- Costs and expenses arising from defending any claim against the policyholder for losses and damage, as well as legal costs and expenses of the complaining party which the policyholder is ordered to pay, related to investigations, assessments, appeals, forensic costs and expenses;

Besides losses and damage caused to third parties, it is also possible to include losses and damage caused to policyholder’s property as well as to contracted workers and employees.