Business Rental Plan

Insurance whose goal is to make the relationship between home owners, real estate agencies and tenants easier, for it replaces the co-signer.
The major advantages are:

To the home owner:
-It ensures that late rents are paid on time;
- It allows for acquiring additional coverage on the other fees: condo fees, property tax, water, electricity and gas;
- It offers free maintenance workforce to keep rented property.

To the tenant:
- No more feeling embarrassed to find a co-signer;
- Cost of insurance can be paid in installments;
- Discount on associated movers;
- Free 24-hour emergency repair service and installation which help keep the property in order.

To the real estate office:
- Solution for those clients who have difficulty finding a co-signer. They guarantee renting, and the real estate agency doesn’t lose business;
-More daily agility assured;
- Record analysis done by insurance company itself, which reduces the amount of work of the real estate office;