Cars and Motorcycles

Insurance meant for motorcycles, cars, utility vehicles, pick-ups, trucks and tugboats belonging to Natural Person.
It offers coverage for losses and damage of the insured (crash, fire and theft) as well as losses and damage the insured might cause to third parties as long as civilly liable.

It allows for contracting additional coverage and services such as:
- Courtesy Car;
- 0 Km guarantee;
- Glasses, Taillights, Headlights and Mirrors;
- Personal Injury to Passengers (Death and Disability);
- Green Card (Damage to Third Parties on trips to MERCOSUL countries);
- Moral Damage;
- Home Insurance;
- 24-hour towing service;
- Assistance with appliances;
- Car Center;
- Discounts at parking lots;
- Discount on Vehicle Inspection;
- Discounts on Deductibles;
- Discount on Vehicle Rental and Taxi;
- Discount at Car Wash Facilities;
- Discount at Health Clubs and Shows;