Vehicle Fleet

Insurance on two or more vehicles, acquired at the same insurance company, by policy issued under the name of a single natural person or legal entity.

It can be taken out on company-owned Motorcycles, Cars, Utility Vehicles, Pick-up Trucks, Trucks and Tugboats.

In the case of a legal entity, in addition to the insured company-owned vehicles, those belonging to directors, employees and subsidiaries can also be taken into account.

It offers coverage for losses and damages to the insured (collision, fire and theft) as well as losses and damages the insured may cause to third parties provided that he is civilly liable.

It makes it possible to contract coverage and additional services such as:

- Glasses, Taillights, Headlights and Mirrors;
- Personal Accidents (Death and Disability);
- Green Card (Damage to Third Parties when traveling across MERCOSUL countries);
- Moral Damages;
- 24-hour towing assistance;